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J80 World Championship in La Rochelle.

Hello everyone,


This year France is organizing the J80 World Championship in La Rochelle.

In addition to a high-level competition, we have prepared with the La Rochelle Nautique club a very beautiful organization for the pleasure of the participants.

For your information, the City of La Rochelle is also organizing a major music festival with internationally renowned artists.


Each class president or country representative will present their fleet during the opening ceremony.


The event will be filmed, with additional tracking which will be commented on land and at sea.


If you wish to participate in other events you are welcome.


Event counting for the 2024 French Cup:


Spi Ouest-France organisé par la Société Nautique de la Trinité : 30 Mars -1 Avril

Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale organisé par l’école Navale à Lanvéoc : 9-11 Mai

La Corsaire J Cup organisé par la Société Nautique de la Baie de Saint Malo : 14-16 Juin

Championnat du Monde organisé par La Rochelle Nautique : 6-13 Juillet

Atlantique Télégramme organisé par le Club Nautique de Lorient : 13-15 Septembre

National Organisé par le Club Nautique de Saint Cast Le Guildo : 8-10 Novembre,


Please note that we have 2 highlights on our circuit which bring together between 40 and 60 J80s, which are the Spi Ouest-France and Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale.


I ask you to pass this email on to the members of your class and if possible.

As we do during each world championship, can you please put a link on your website to the 2024 world championship website:


If you or your members need help, do not hesitate to write to us.


See you soon on the water.


Kind regards.


Ludovic GILET

Président de la classe J/80 France

Tél : 06 336 335 06

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