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J/80 Class Rules 2010

geschrieben von  Montag, 01 November 2010 14:34

Die Klassenregeln sind mit Wirkung zum 16. Juli 2010 angepasst worden. Das Originaldokument findet Ihr auf der Internationalen Seite der J80 Class Association. Aber wenn Ihr Euch nur einen Überblick über die Änderungen machen wollt, lest einfach weiter ... 


The following amendments to the Class Rules have been approved by the Class Rules Subcommittee to be effective 16th July 2010.

Rule C.3 Amendment: Replace the existing rule with:

C.3.1. The maximum crew weight in swimming apparel is 338.6kg with no limit on numbers of crew.

C.3.2. No crew member shall be substituted during an event of less than 6 consecutive days or that has pre race weigh in without the approval of the race committee.

Rule C.4.2. New Rule:

C.4.2(b)(ix) Lashing, tape, and other preventative materials applied to the rigging, furler, and other fittings in order prevent the snagging of sails and sheets.

Rule C.5.1(a) Amendment: add to the end See Boat Weight Measurement Form Appendix H.6.

Rule C.6.1(d), C.6.1(e) Amendment: Delete

(d) The mainsail shall be flaked or rolled on the boom between race days of a
  series except during an emergency or repair
(e) In non-class events (handicap races) boats may carry one large genoa of
  any material.

New Rule: Delete C.8.1(b) Use: The mast chock shall not be adjusted while racing.

(ii) The mast shall remain chocked at the deck level for the duration of a regatta, which is defined as a series of races held over six or fewer consecutive days including any lay day.


The forestay shall not be adjusted whilst racing.

(c) The forestay shall not be adjusted during a regatta, which is defined as a series of races held over six or fewer consecutive days including any lay day.

Rule C.8.2 Boom Amendment:

(a) Dimensions: Minimum Boom Weight 10.9 9.6 kg

Rule C.8.3(b)(iv) New Rule:

C.8.3(b)(iv) A batten not to exceed 150mm may be added to the end of the bowsprit as a preventer for the gennaker sheet.

Rule C.8.4(c) New Rule:

C.8.4(c) Lashing may be used to secure the upper backstay to the lower backstay legs or the lower legs to the backstay chainplates, provided the lashing does not exceed a span of 100mm.

Rule C.8.5(a)(vii) New Rule:

C.8.5(a)(vii) Additional fairleads or blocks attached to the stanchion bases or chainplates may be used together with additional associated lines to:

(1) create an additional jib sheet position outboard of the jib sheet track provided the block remains within the sheerline
(2) create a barberhauler for the jib sheet that allows the jib sheet to be positioned further outboard
(3) create a barberhauler for the gennaker sheet
(4) lead halyard tails aft to the cockpit

Rule C.4.2(a)(iv) Amendment: Reduce the minimum required battery weight from 8kg to 2kg:

(iv) Permanently mounted operable navigation lights, a 12 volt battery (8 2kg min, 25kg max)

(Note: changing battery types can have a significant effect on the boats weight which may require additional corrects weights to be carried.)


Move class rule C.9.1 to C.5.2.(d)